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I became a national distributor for CinemaVision after being a customer and user of the technology for seven years. I opened my first outpatient imaging facility 1998 and had virtually no radiology experience. My previous eight years had been spent as a sales representative in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment fields. I had hoped that providing a uniquely superior level of service would enable the facility to be successful in a competitive marketplace. Twelve years and nine profitable facilities later, this formula has proven to be extremely effective.

I saw the CinemaVision system for the first time at the RSNA in 2003 and instantly knew that it would be very popular with patients. Through a joint venture between Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and myself, we agreed to purchase a CinemaVision system in an effort to limit the need for pediatric anesthesia. The results were extremely positive and both patients and their parents were happy with the MRI experience created by the CinemaVision system. Children’s has gone on to purchase six additional systems.

Since that time, three more of my original nine facilities have added CinemaVision. The positive patient feedback for adults has rivaled that of the pediatric community. After having access to this technology for several years and seeing first-hand how the patient’s appreciate the system, I cannot imagine having an MRI without CinemaVision.

CinemaVison has raised the bar on the patient MRI experience and I believe it will soon become standard equipment on all MRI units. An MRI purchase is a significant investment and it is important to maximize it’s capabilities. CinemaVision allows you to do that by decreasing the number of patients that can’t get through the exam and creating an overall better experience for all patients.

Patients love the CinemaVision system, but if it didn’t make financial sense, I wouldn’t have it. Fortunately, this has been a great investment for my business and it is why I approached the manufacturer to become a distributor. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about CinemaVision, or if I can be a resource for other imaging isues.


John Mattes

Owner, MRI CinemaVision, LLC†

† MRI CinemaVision, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medical Investment Group, Inc.

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